How To Clean Your Dyson Animal Vacuum Cyclone Component

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Dyson Animal is a highly favored choice for many people. It is work well on carpets as well as other types of residential flooring. If you want to clean carpeted or uncarpeted homes, this model is the best vacuum on the market. If you have pets at home, you have to find the way to deal with a lot of hair. This vacuum is the best choice available to clean pet hair

The problem is that with time and usage, some users have experienced their Dyson Animal losing suction. With frequent usage over a period, the suction efficiency of the equipment deteriorates. At that time, you will see the device emanating an unpleasant smell. It means that you need to clean the vacuum cyclone component.

This part is responsible for maintaining the suction of the Dyson Animal. It means that cleaning it will increase the shelf-life of your Dyson Animal.

The Reason

There have many reasons that make Dyson Animal reduce suction. Most prominent reasons that affect to lose suction are:

  • Lack of frequent cyclone component or filter cleaning
  • Filter damage
  • Duct blockage/damage
  • Split-in hoses or seals
  • Belt or motor issues

On the list above, most people make the mistake of not cleaning the filter. If you cannot restore the suction ability with normal cleaning methods, you should replace the filters. Other common reasons for this problem of Dyson Animal are split-in hoses or seals and belt or motor issues. 

In addition, no matter whether you are using any vacuum cleaners, advanced or conventional canister vacuum, cleaning is necessary. It supports to maintain the operational efficiency at optimal levels. Moreover, the important thing to retain the suction power for a long period is cleaning the cyclone component frequently. The cyclone component has a mission to deliver the much-needed suction power. Especially, proper and frequent cleaning also helps you get rid of bad odor. Nevertheless, you make your machine have a longer shelf life for cleaning the major components well.

In short, the reasons to clean your Dyson animal vacuum cyclone component are:

  • Maintain suction power: The cyclone component of Dyson animal is responsible for its suction power. Therefore, your vacuum would perform better if you clean it well.
  • Get rid of odor: Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner will start to smell the moment its cyclone component needs rinsing. This smell will make this machine work inefficiently.
  • Longer shelf life: Cleaning the main components of vacuum cleaner will make it work last longer. As you have known, no component of a Dyson Animal is as important as its cyclone.

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How To Clean Your Dyson Animal Vacuum Cyclone Component

Because of these reasons, how to clean your Dyson Animal vacuum cyclone component is very important. Besides, this process is extremely simple and fast. Here are the steps for you to clean this part, please follow along:

Step 1

Firstly, you have to remove the clear bin as well as the cyclone component from your Dyson Animal. Any professional help to remove the bin and cyclone component is not necessary in this moment. Therefore, you can do this simple process with effortless ease, no difficulty. This thing is the same procedure as if you were emptying your vacuum’s dirt bin.

Step 2

After removing the clear bin and cyclone component, you have to confirm that the dirt bin vacuum is empty. This next step orders you to make sure that the canister bin of the vacuum is empty. After that, you can unfasten it from the upper cyclone component. This job will make the cleaning process easy, fast and effective.

Step 3

The next step is placing the main cyclone component in a large sink. You have to run lukewarm water over the component. In this step, you should keep on spinning the unit. This move is great for rinsing all sections of filtering holes effectively. Additionally, each section of the hole will be clean completely with this method of approach. Hence, you can stop the spinning process when the water leaving the sink is crystal clear. If it is not completely clean yet, you continue to do that until it has done.

Step 4

Besides, you need to spray water into the main hole at one end of the unit after you pull it towards you. You should continue this process for a few seconds and then you must pour the water out. Repeat the same procedure with all holes of Dyson Animal until the leaving water crystal clear. This step helps to remove most types of debris and dirt from the holes quickly and clearly.

Step 5

However, some stubborn impurities may remain inside the wholes even after you spray water. You have to make sure that the cyclone component is 100% clean is very important. For doing that, you need to pour water inside the main hole again. Besides, you continue keeping on adding water until the whole cyclone is filled with water. At the same time, cover the larger hole with one hand to prevent water from leaving the unit. After that, gently shake the cyclone to help water clean all remaining stubborn debris and dust. After waiting for some minutes, you need to remove the dirty water and pour clean water in the hole again. Next, you need to continue keeping on repeating the same procedure until the water runs clear. This step can eliminate even the most stubborn dirt and debris from the cyclone compartment. As a result, it helps your Dyson Animal vacuum regain its optimal suction power.


Most people think of using Dyson Animal repeatedly causes the suction loss and there is no way to improve. However, they do not realize that cleaning the cyclone component of a vacuum is imperative. It helps you to maintain its suction power for long. No matter what type of vacuum cleaner you use, dust and pet hair will stick to the inside of the device. Therefore, you are difficult to see and think it has no problem. Hence, to improve the situation, you don’t have many choices but to embark on the cleaning process. The above are the steps to clean your Dyson animal vacuum cyclone component. Hope you will apply and do it yourself to help the machine work more efficiently and for a long time.


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